How to Get Here

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Edgewood is a rural community of 1300 nestled on the edge of the East Texas timberline.

It is strategically located in Van Zandt County, fifty miles east of Dallas on U.S. Hwy. 80, ten miles north of the world renowned First Monday Trade Days in Canton, and ten miles south of the Lake Tawakoni Dam / State Park.

Settlement of the area began in the mid 1840’s as Eastern pioneers displaced the native Caddo Indians and developed a farming community which is still the main industry, along with ranching. In 1873, the Texas and Pacific Railroad from Dallas to Shreveport passed through the area, but only a switch existed until 1878, when, as a result of the famous County Seat War, Canton needed a new shipping point. Consequently, the Star Trail, presently FM 859, was blazed from the county seat to Stephens Switch and the City of Edgewood was founded.

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Heritage Park Museum Complex

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