All Van Zandt County Veterans are invited to the Veterans Celebration at the Edgewood Heritage Festival on Saturday, November 11, 2017. The free admission day of fun, games, food and memories takes place every year on the second Saturday of November.  Also welcome are current active duty personnel, and in your beautiful uniforms, too!

Because this year the date coincides with Veterans Day a special celebration is planned for 12 noon.  Veterans are asked to gather at the gazebo in the park at 11:45 a.m.  At noon Cary Hilliard, (Lt Col USAF ret) will welcome everyone.

The colors will be posted and the crowd will pledge allegiance to the flag and sing the National Anthem, directed by David Barber, the “voice” of Van Zandt County.

State Senator Bob Hall and State Representative Dan Flynn, both of whom are veterans, will speak their appreciation to the men and women who have joined with them in the Armed Forces.

A plaque of appreciation will be given to the family of one of Edgewood’s patriots who served in WWII and was a prisoner of war. He came back to Edgewood to serve as a teacher and coach for young people, spending his entire life as one who lays down his life for his country.

A brass ensemble will play patriotic music, and the 30-minute program will end by the crowd standing in reflective gratitude as Taps is played.

After the formal presentation, we hope everyone will enjoy fun with their children and taking the opportunity to tour the park to see the turn-of-the-century buildings of our history. We will serve good country food and spend the day talking with others who are grateful for our freedom and our way of life in East Texas.

We look forward to this time of honoring the women and men who died for us and who continue to live and serve for us.  Thank you.



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